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A new website is coming soon!
Newsletter 23/07/2015
Thu, 23 Jul 2015

A new website is coming soon!
Technology keeps improving
and so does the Delcampe website!

Dear Members,

It gives me great pleasure to tell you that a new Delcampe website will be available for you to explore in the coming months.

Want to find out more?

Watch the video
The team and I have set set up a forum so that you can share your questions and comments with us.

We look forward to hearing from you. We're sure you'll thoroughly enjoy the new Delcampe website.

See you very soon...on !

...and the team

Take the July survey...
Thu, 9 Jul 2015

To thank you, we'll be awarding one €100 prize every month for each questionnaire to the first contestant giving the answer closest to the correct answer to the supplementary question.

Here are the three surveys. Thank you for answering them. Your opinion is very important to us!
  1. For buyers only:
    Survey about bids and offers

  2. For sellers only:
    Offers and sales management survey

  3. General (buyers and sellers):
    Survey about item listings and images

Thank you very much for taking part in the surveys and good luck to all with the contest!

Your Delcampe Team


PS: You can enter the contest from July 9 through 31 July 2015.
Congratulations to the three winners of the May survey: Mauricehiramabif, Phan and Cassounet
and to the three winners from June: Bidule2, Rinoshenley and Patdidray. They won €100 each!

Survey, Culture, Pricewatch
Newsletter 09/07/15
Thu, 9 Jul 2015

Take part in our July survey...
To thank you: you could win a €100!
Your opinion on ideal website functionality is important to us. Who better than you, buyers and sellers, to give us helpful insight?

How? By taking our satisfaction survey.
The survey will take place over three months (May-June-July).

Many of you took our second survey last month. We want to thank you for taking the survey and congratulations to Bidule2, Rinoshenley and Patdidray, the winners of our June contest. They join Mauricehiramabif, Phan and Cassounet, the winners in May. They each won €100!

We need your opinion again this month. Click on the button below to access three surveys:
  • The buyer questionnaire
  • The seller questionnaire
  • The general questionnaire.
Thank you for filling in the survey for your category. It will take 10 minutes at the most.

Your answers will be handled anonymously and confidentially.
However, we will ask you for your nickname to take part in the survey.

To thank you, we'll be awarding one €100 prize every month for each questionnaire to the first contestant giving the answer closest to the correct answer to the supplementary question.

Playing cards

Whether it's the famous Manila game imagined by Marcel Pagnol starring his character Marius, or the prestigious poker games played by James Bond, playing cards are deeply rooted in popular culture.
They first appeared in the 7th century in China and arrived in Europe in the 14th century, probably through exchanges with Mongol merchants or Arab civilization. They were used for games and entertainment and also contributed to conveying ideological and political images during certain periods. The jack was worth more than the king during the French Revolution: a very strong symbol indeed.

Nowadays, cards are only used for games, magic and … collecting. From ancient 32 paper card decks, to today's 54-card plasticized decks and including decks stamped with historical characters… there are literally thousands of different decks available, and you can find many of them on Delcampe.

Regardless if you're a lover of playing cards or not, discover the cards for sale on Delcampe !

Stamp & Coin Mart : August issue

The August Stamp & Coin Mart – available on Delcampe and on Stamp & Coin Mart comes with 2 FREE gifts which include Battle of Britain Stamps and a Limited Edition London 2015 Postcard.
Packed in this issues includes the following articles:

- Your guide to the fascinating postage stamps of the Indian Feudatory States
- The curious case of the Myrtle Bank Hotel Cover - a philatelic whodunnit, howdunnit and whydunnit!
- An examination of beer revenue stamps, how to collect them and why they were issued
- 75 years on we detail the many stamps recalling the Battle of Britain

With popular regular features including Stamp Story, ‘Dead Countries’, Price Watch, opinion pieces, new issues, and the latest news on stamp and coin collecting, the August issue of Stamp & Coin Mart has everything you need to build your collection.
Some of the most beautiful
and most interesting items sold recently on the Delcampe website

Sold for 2300 EUR
Sold for 1800 EUR
The Vatican
Sold for 1413 GBP
Sold for 1500 EUR
Sold for 1978 EUR
Sold for 200 EUR
You too
can find the item that's missing from your collection

The collectors' Tour de France is on!
The collectors' Tour de France is on Delcampe!
Wed, 1 Jul 2015

The collectors' Tour de France
is on!

For this year's Tour de France your Delcampe site is featuring a special sale of collectibles related to cycling and this prestigious race.

The Collector Center, a Delcampe subsidiary, will be selling a very unique collection: correspondence, consisting of 15 postcards, written by François Faber to his friend Adèle Hiernaux. The cards are from several different towns featured in the Tour de France stages. The cyclist wrote a brief daily comment on each one. 

Several of the cards are signed both by François Faber and other famous cyclists of the time: Emile Engel, Jean Alavoine, Gustave Garrigou and André Trousselier. This is a unique opportunity to experience the race the way François Faber did in 1909.

The collection is from a family archive.

No need to introduce François Faber, "The Giant of Colombes". Born 26 January 1887, he was the first foreign cyclist to win the Tour de France in 1909. He also won five stages in a row, a record that still stands today. And he won several other prestigious bicycle races, notably, the famous Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Lombardy.

He died in the battle of Artois in 1915. His body was never found.

Several places in Luxembourg are named after him and the "Grand Prix François Faber" race is run in his honour.


The collection will be on sale from July 1 - 28, 2015 at our subsidiary Collector Center's store.
We are also taking advantage of this opportunity to feature all collectibles related to the Tour de France and cycling. To expand our offer, we contacted several sellers and asked them to join us for the event by filling their stores.

Discover these items today!