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Server maintenance planned for Tuesday, February 17th
Tue, 17 Feb 2015

Dear members,

For the constant improvement of our services, maintenance of the website will be conducted this Tuesday, February 17th, between 23:00 and 24:00 (Brussels Time, UTC/GMT +1:00).  The website will thus be inaccessible during these hours.

For the convenience of sellers and buyers, the closure of the ongoing sales will be postponed for 24 hours.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,

Your Delcampe team

The winner of the Puzzle contest
Newsletter 12/02/2015
Thu, 12 Feb 2015

At the end of 2014, we brought you a Puzzle contest that tested your philatelic knowledge.

Your job was to recognise partial stamps issued by the following countries:

   1.   Germany
   2.   Norway
   3.   Colombia
   4.   United States
   5.   France
   6.   United Kingdom
   7.   Australia
   8.   Belgium
   9.   Spain

Our congratulations to our member "Ancok" who found all of the stamps and guessed that 168 people would play.

We have already notified our winner personally. We would like to wish them happy shopping with their €100 purchase voucher!

The "Treasure Hunt' winners
Newsletter 12/02/2015
Thu, 12 Feb 2015

At the end of 2014, we brought you a contest that tested your powers of discernment and your speed.

Here are the results and the names of the happy winners. Each won a €100 purchase voucher
(or 150 CAD/120 CHF/125 USD/80 GBP/150 AUD) valid for purchases on the website.

The "Treasure Hunt' contest

Thanks to the clues we gave you every day, you were able to find the "hidden" sales in the following categories:

    24 December
    Stamps > Topics > Animals & Fauna > Marine Mammals > Dolphins  (clue "Flipper")

    25 December
    Postcards > Topics > Fairy Tales, popular stories, & legends  (clue "Grimm")

    26 December
    Other collections > Photography > Photographs > Photographs (Originals) > Famous People  (clue "Nadar")

    27 December
    Coins & Banknotes > Banknotes > French Pacific Territories (CFP) > Papeete (French Polynesia 1914-1985)
  (clue "Papeete")

    28 December
    Coins & Banknotes > Tokens & Medals > Other Countries > Casino  (clue "One-armed bandit")

    29 December
    Other collections > Music & Instruments > Vinyl records > 33 rpm - LP > Rock (clue "The Dark Side of the Moon")

    30 December
    Coins & Banknotes > Coins > Ireland  (clue "St Patrick")

    31 December
    Old Paper > Autographs  (clue "signature")

Congratulations to our members who found the sales first!

      Woef - Jkirl18 - Cartophile - Emerson_lp - Hindsight_hms - Bert1995 - HoebeRenaatt

Partnership, Tips, Winners of the Contests, Pricewatch
Newsletter 12/02/2015
Thu, 12 Feb 2015


Following our newsletter concerning our deal with Skrill, many of you seemed surprised upon not receiving a confirmation after registering.

After clicking on the link in the newsletter and logging in (or subscribing for new users), you should normally receive a confirmation e-mail from Skrill Services within 24 hours.

If you have done the above, but have not received a confirmation e-mail, please accept Skrill's apologies.

Skrill will ensure that everyone who enrolled through the newsletter receives the promotional rates from the date of registration until July 31st 2015 - if you have overpaid on any transactions please contact the merchant services team  ( who will be in the position to issue a credit to your account.
Be smart and hold on to tomorrow's collector items!

The new year is usually a good time to do a thorough spring cleaning. Last year's calendar, letters and varied and miscellaneous objects have been sitting on the living room chest of drawers or in the garage for several months … Many will end up in the rubbish bin.

Before cleaning up, ask yourself one question: Will these items acquire value over time? Could they become rare? Remember how many telephone cards, first euro coin series and old newspapers you got rid of too soon? A number of these items prized by collectors could have been sold on Delcampe!
Sort through everything!

Not sure? Go to the forum!
We have the results of our two 2014 year-end contests!
We celebrated the end of 2014 with two brand new contests. The contests called on your love of research and your deductive abilities.

Our happy winners each won a €100 purchase voucher (or 150 CAD/120 CHF/125 USD/80 GBP/150 AUD) for the Delcampe website.

Our congratulations to our quick and discerning members.
Stamp & Coin Mart : March issue

March Stamp & Coin Mart – available on Delcampe and on Stamp & Coin Mart is packed with information and advice on how to help you improve your collection.

This issue comes with a FREE set of TEN Royal Mail Alice in Wonderland stamp cards. PLUS: your FREE copy of the official Stampex catalogue, which this time includes a special 80-page guide to the Great Britain Philatelic Society (GBPS) 60th Anniversary display. If that’s not enough, the issue will also come with a FREE ‘Tips of the Trade’ booklet!
The March issue features a range of in-depth collecting articles, including:

•    Celebrate our Alice in Wonderland stamp postcards giveaway with an exploration of author Lewis Carroll’s many links with philately
•    We discover the many stamps of the German colonies - discover why the stamps of Heligoland featured German values alongside a portrait of Queen Victoria
•    We examine the intriguing coins and tokens of Germany
•    We preview Royal Mail’s Inventive Britain stamps

Some of the most beautiful
and most interesting items sold recently on the Delcampe website

Sold for 1001 EUR
Sold for 600 EUR
Sold for 900 EUR
Sold for 1020 EUR
United States
Sold for 1350 GBP
Sold for 300 EUR
You too
can find the item that's missing from your collection

Difficulty receiving emails alerting the end of a sale
Fri, 6 Feb 2015

Dear Members,

In the period between 3pm (Brussels time) on Thursday and 10:30am on Friday (today), the emails alerting the end of a sale WITH bids have not been sent.  Sellers did therefore not receive these e-mails in their private e-mail, nor did they receive the copy in "My Delcampe" > "My Messages" > "My Sold Sales".

In order to correctly follow up on their sales, we invite sellers to visit "My Delcampe > "My Sold Items" > "To Invoice", and to sort the list by the most recent.  This way, they will be able to easily find any items that were sold during the period in which they did not receive an e-mail alert.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.