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Tips, Byzantine coins, Vinyl records, EasyStore
Newsletter 15/01/2015
Thu, 15 Jan 2015

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Byzantine coins

Many types of coins were struck during the Byzantine Empire, which lasted nearly a thousand years (395-1453). They included solidus, nomismas, hyperpyrons, miliaresons and hystamenons…The Byzantine monetary system was as prolific as it is interesting.

The two metals used most frequently for Byzantine coins were bronze and gold. Silver coins were also struck, but they were much less common. The Byzantine Empire was Catholic and many representations of Christ appeared on the coins, except in the 8th and 9th centuries during the "iconoclastic period"Crowned heads appeared much more consistently on the reverse of the coins. There were portrayed face on rather than in profile, as they had been during the Roman Empire.

You can admire Byzantine coins on Delcampe.

Vinyl records
A box set of Beatles 45 rpm records
We wrote about the 30th anniversary of the CD in a previous newsletter. Did you know that many vinyl records are also available on the marketplace?

Vinyl records are also called "long-playing records". The first one was made in 1887. At the time they first started spinning, records were only available in 78 rpm format... just five minutes of music!

Now nearly exclusively available in 33 and 45 rpm, these jazz, blues, world and electronic "platters" are still a delight to the ears of nostalgic audiophiles. Are you searching for musical authenticity or just want a to build a discography with real "cachet"? Vinyl records may be the solution!

An Elvis Presley LP

A box set of 11 Pink Floyd records

A Bill Haley & His Comets LP
Give your ears a treat with a few examples of this format perfected in 1950s which still has many imitators in the music world!
Do you already have a vinyl record collection?
Send us pictures of your collection
Stamp & Coin Mart : February issue

February Stamp & Coin Mart – available on Delcampe and on Stamp & Coin Mart is packed with information and advice on how to help you improve your collection.

The February issue of Stamp & Coin Mart comes with a FREE Endangered Species Mini Sheet from Guernsey Post and features a range of in-depth collecting articles, including:

•   We preview the highly anticipated Royal Mail Alice in Wonderland stamps
•   We take a look at the stamps that aimed to change the world
•   Exclusive ‘we are not approved’ article revealing the stamp designs that failed to receive royal approval
•   We look at the fascinating Bank of England exhibition which reveals how World War One changed England’s coinage
Discover the new stores
Store : Andrewrichmond United Kingdom
Description : Vintage postcards from Britain, Europe and Worldwide.
Specialty : World topographical postcards

  67.869 items
Store : Filatelia Kevorkian  Argentina
Description : Member of APS, SOCOFIRA and IFSDA. More than 30 years in philatelic business. Specialized in topical stamps from all over the world and new issues service.
Specialty : Specialized in topical stamps from all over the world and new issues service.

  166 items
Description : Join the exciting world of Isle of Man Stamps & Coins - our international award winning stamp issue are recognized worldwide for innovation and we pride ourselves that our customer-first policy is second to none. Free worldwide delivery No quibble returns policy Free welcome pack with your first order
Specialty : New issues and value added products such a year collections, presentation packs and first day covers.

  91 items
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Happy New Year 2015!
Thu, 1 Jan 2015


Happy New Year 2015!

Your Delcampe team wishes you a very good New Year.

We wish you happiness and good health!

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