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Newsletter 25/09/2014
Thu, 25 Sep 2014

Find a seller's bank details
Do you want to pay for a purchase via bank transfer? It's really very easy to obtain your seller's bank details!

  1. First click on the "Pay this invoice" button then select your payment method (Bank transfer)
  2. Click on the "Pay the invoice" button
  3. The orange "Display payment details" button will appear at the bottom of the screen, giving you access to your seller's bank details

Barbers have been cutting men's hair and trimming beards and moustaches since the trade got started in antiquity.
The history of barbering is closely tied to the surgeon's. In the 12th and 13th centuries, the Church forbid clerics from being surgeons and the activity was taken over by barbers, notorious teeth-pullers and other stallholders. More recently, and until 1782, the French infantry had many barber surgeons (the "fraters") in its ranks.

The trade has kept all of its appeal. Many sublime postcards showcasing this authentic trade are available on Delcampe.


People in Europe wrote to each other more during the Great War than at any other time. Writing was essential to help maintain the morale of soldiers and of people behind the lines and to find out, unofficially, how the conflict was progressing.

Letters are more than mere sheets of paper. A hundred years on, they have become the vestiges of memories that have outlived their authors. Handling the yellowed paper of each of these letters is like holding a unique testimonial that has survived shells, censorship and time. Reading these lines let's you fully appreciate the kindness of the soldiers who sometimes reassured their loved ones by softening the harsh reality of war, and at other times, revealed the crude details of trench life to their friends. The letters sometimes also reveal a most improbable romance that blossomed in the cold and sterile environment of the Great War.

Keep the memory of those ancestors alive. Dive into the memories of these families that worked so hard to create a bulwark of human grace against the tempest of war.


Card from a prisoner of war in Germany (1915)

Really nice manuscript (1917)

Postcard with “censor” postmark (1916)

Postcard “of hope” (1917)
The letters of the Great War

Are you selling interesting First World War items on Delcampe?
Contact us, and we may put them in our next newsletter!

Stamp & Coin Mart : October issue

October Stamp & Coin Mart – available on Delcampe and on Stamp & Coin Mart
is packed with information and advice to help you improve your collection:

•   FREE Stampex 2014 official show guide!
•   Morocco Agencies and British Levant overprints on GB stamps are often scarcer than the normal GB stamps, but cost much less (read our in-depth guide)
•   Three lighthouse keepers left stranded on Wolf Rock in Cornwall communicated to the outside world using a unique rocket mail system (as revealed in our British Library article)
•   Between 1922 and 1925 the East African sovereign state of Tanganyika issued beautifully designed ‘Giraffe’ stamps (you can see one reader’s collection)
•   Plus: Royal Mail’s seaside stamps, coin hoards discovered by British metal detectorists and much more

Some of the most beautiful
and most interesting items sold recently on the Delcampe website
Sold for 2,050 USD
Sold for 1,500 USD
Sold for 1,200 EUR

Sold for 1,205 EUR
Sold for 365 USD
Sold for 692 USD
Canada (Ontario)
You too
can find the item that's missing from your collection

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Newsletter 11/09/2014
Thu, 11 Sep 2014 or

Do you normally do your research on If the search engine is only displaying a few results, try your luck on
The international site brings together all national Delcampe websites in one place! You'll find many more items for sale.

Note: On, many sales display a title and description in another language. Before making an offer for a sale, be sure that the seller can communicate with you and that all of the sales conditions meet your expectations. You can also use the automatic translator available from the "My Delcampe" menu.
Did you know that items for sale on national Delcampe websites (
.com/ are also available on the international website? On the other hand, items listed for sale on aren't accessible on the national sites. So, don't limit the number of buyers who can see your sales! Items for sale on a national Delcampe site will have a greater chance of being sold. And at... no extra cost to you!

Reminder: Items for sale must have a name and description in the language of the national website selected and the correct currency must be used.

Get the most out of the search engine!


The Marketplace search engine is a high-performance tool that can find the item you're looking for with just a few mouse clicksOn condition that you look in the right place!

By selecting the category to search, you'll get more and better results than by searching the entire marketplace.
By doing a search on "aviation" in the "Stamps" category, you'll get nearly 30,000 sales compared to under 700 by searching "stamps aviation" on the entire Delcampe site. Try it!

There are many other search tricks to get the most out of the search engine!

Delcampe joined the NZSDA !
Dear members,

We are proud to announce that Delcampe has joined the NZSDA, the New Zealand Stamp Dealers Association.
This association was founded in 1969 in Wellington and focuses on promoting confidence, integrity and honesty in stamp collecting in New Zealand.

Being accepted by the NZSDA proves that Delcampe adheres to this association’s values and deserves a good reputation.

Modern style

An automatic watch
Put a watch on your wrist…
And stop letting time slip through your fingers!

Since they were invented in the 16th century by the German Peter Henlein, watchmakers have made many different types of watches to provide for the specific needs of wearers.

Whereas businessmen want elegant, refined watches, a diver will look for an "armoured" model (waterproof to several thousand metres). There is a huge range of other types of watches available on the market between these two models. And they have as many "complications" (functions other than time display) as they have uses. There are watches for sailors with weather and calendar functions, others for marathon runners with heart rate monitors and still others with a GPS system…Smartphones aren't the only multi-purpose personal tools!

The magic of an analogue watch (with hands) goes beyond its use…Its in the case! A true engineering concentrate with up to 1000 parts assembled in a small space that all work together to control practical (date and chronograph), technical (to increase precision) and even astronomical (phases of the moon, tides, etc.…) functions.
A classical watch
A fob watch
A paperweight watch
Many different models are sold on Delcampe, from fob watches (carried in a pocket) to perpetual movement or automatic (without battery) watches. You're bound to find what you're looking for on the marketplace! You may hand down your next watch to one of your children who will be still wearing it in 50 years…That's 438,300 times around the dial!

Have you already started your watch collection?
Send us pictures of your collection

Discover the new stores
Store: Argylletkinuk United Kingdom
Description : argylletkinuk was established over 50 years ago in London, England. We have operated online sales for 10 years with over 5,000 stamp and postal history items sold.
Specialty : Fascinating Stamps and postal history worldwide

  5.209 tems
Description : A wide selection of rare and less rare Monaco stamps, many unique types ideal for international exhibitions, a range of themes, straight-edged, rare Europa-CEPT blocks, classic French stamps. The MONACO franc and euro coin specialist.
Specialty : The Monaco franc and euro coin specialist.

  1.140 items
Store : W4 Stamps and Collectables United Kingdom
Description : The widest selection of modern thematics, carefully selected and curated. Many countries covered: GB, Commonwealth, Caribbean, Pacific & South Atlantic. Specialist packaging to get your items to you safely and securely.
Specialty : Royalty, Titanic, Flora & Fauna, Thematics

  3.857 items
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