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Show, At the Heart of the Great War, Pricewatch
Newsletter 28/08/2014
Thu, 28 Aug 2014

Sberatel in Prague

We remind you that the Sberatel trade show will be held in a few days' time in Prague.
From 4-6 September you will be able to check out several types of collection: philately, numismatics and deltiology. You will also and above all be able to meet over 250 exhibitors there.
In addition, Delcampe is offering you an unmissable deal for your attendance of this trade fair:
1 euro for 3 days' admission to the trade fair.

All members who print out this coupon and exchange it at the cashdesk will be able to benefit from this offer!


Huddled at the bottom of their trenches, officers and non-commissioned officers had to stay informed of all enemy movement across the no man's land, just 50 to 200m wide. Observation was much more difficult than it used to be for the pitched battles of earlier times. Binoculars became essential and most officers carried them on the front. They came in a range of magnifications and diameters. Some had a compass or a rangefinder to determine distances. Many different kinds were put into service based on the needs of the combatant (infantry, artillery, etc.), and on their financial means.

Visit our militaria category and take a look through the hundred years that separate us and "horizon blue" (the colour of the French Poilus' uniform).


French binoculars

"Galilean" binoculars

Officer's binoculars with rangefinder

"Huet" binoculars in case

Binoculars with compass

English binoculars
The binoculars of the Great War

Are you selling interesting First World War items on Delcampe?
Contact us and we may put them in our next newsletter!

139th Auction and Special Auction “Horst Kühner Collection”
Dr. Reinhard Fischer’s auction house will be presenting its 139th auction on September 5th and 6th, 2014.
Horst Kühner’s award-winning collection will be put under the hammer in 600 lots in this very special sale. There will be world rarities from the areas of German Foreign Post Offices and German Colonies (including nearly complete British Occupation issues) along with German Occupation in WW II, Sudeten Germany and propaganda forgeries available.
10,000 additional lots will be auctioned in the main auction, including an extensive supply of British Colonies and Germany that include all collection areas.

Submit your bids via Delcampe Prestige until September, 5th at 11.00 AM (Paris Time Zone)

Stamp & Coin Mart : September issue

September Stamp & Coin Mart – available on Delcampe and on Stamp & Coin Mart

With the latest War One stamps from Royal Mail previewed in detail, news stories, price updates, dealer advice and new issue information, Stamp & Coin Mart has all the information you need to help build your collection, every month.

•   Tips on stamp collecting given by a panel of renowned philatelists
•   A fascinating insight into the postal history and stamps from the Boer War and a guide to deciphering those often difficult postal marks
•   In the GB Section, take a look at British stamps used abroad and explain when and why Britain began to issue ‘special definitives’
•   The independence campaigns fought out on stamps as Scotland prepares to vote in the referendum
•   In the Coin section, Iron Age Golg Coin found at Dover in 2011 which named a hitherto unknown Iron Age ruler, Anaverito; and bring you a guide to Roman Provincial  Coins

Some of the most beautiful
and most interesting items sold recently on the Delcampe website
Sold for €1600
Saint Lucia
Sold for €1350

Sold for €2700

German New Guinea
Sold for €790
Sold for USD 460
Sold for €200

You too
can find the item that's missing from your collection

The 1978 souvenir sheet has been won!
Thu, 14 Aug 2014


It gives us great pleasure to announce the winner of our "1978 Monaco «World Cup» special souvenir sheet contest". 4559 collectors tried their luck!

The lucky winner is Magnik
. Congratulations!  

Didn't win? Don’t give up, another contest is on its way!

Contest Winner, Culture, Key Rings
Newsletter 14/08/2014
Thu, 14 Aug 2014

The special World Cup souvenir sheet has been won!

The contest for the very beautiful Monaco World Cup special "souvenir sheet" is over.

The winner of this magnificent prize valued at €575 is now known!

The mercury thermometer is 300 years old!

Invented by the German physicist Daniel Fahrenheit in 1714, this glass tube containing liquid metal (now often replaced by alcohol) is used in a number of different fields: cooking, medicine and, of course, meteorology. Thermometers range from the wooden indoor model to the enamelled iron outdoor type. They come either alone or can be paired with a barometer or, sometimes, a hygrometer. You're sure to find the thermometer that suits you on the marketplace!

Sberatel in Prague

From the 4th and the 6th September, the Sberatel international trade fair will be held in Prague, this year bringing together over 260 exhibitors of stamps, coins and postcards. Several big names in philately and many postal administrations will be present.

This year, Delcampe is making an offer you can't refuse to attend this event:  3 days of admission to the fair for €1!
Print this voucher and redeem it at the counter to take advantage of this offer!
(Click on the voucher to enlarge it)

Key rings
Renew your key collection without moving!

Since nothing looks more like a set of keys than another set of keys, here's something to personalise yours!

Key rings first appeared in the 19th century and quickly became a favourite of advertisers. The 1960s were the golden age of key rings. There were over two million French copoclephilists - the name given to these collectors - at the time! In French, the name originally referred to jailers who carried prison keys on a ring. The key ring has since become a prized accessory for anyone wanting to add a touch of originality and colour to their keys.
Bottle opener
Café series
Advertising key ring: an airline company
They come in all shapes and colours...  And all fit in your pocket…or will find a place in the new collection on your wall!
Are you already a copoclephilist?
Send us photos of your collection