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Commemoration of the Great War
Newsletter 31/07/2014
Thu, 31 Jul 2014

The Great War began 100 years ago

August 1914: Powerful countries declared war on each other and it would involve 60 million combatants over four long years. It was an exhausting and devastating positional war. Four continents and two oceans were dragged into the vortex of a tentacular conflict. There were battles on and under the ground, in the air and on the oceans. It was "Total War".

From items belonging to soldiers still being unearthed today to letters that linked the front lines to the rear positions to trench plans, this dark period in history is an inexhaustible source of historical objects brought together by an army of passionate collectors.  Both small and large collectors keep the relics for one purpose only: to keep the memory of our ancestors alive. Our cultural heritage bears their stamp. This newsletter is dedicated to the memory of what was meant to be
"the war to end all wars"...

Win rare 1932 imperforate stamps dedicated to the Belgian infantry
An extraordinary contest for an exceptional event! We're having a new contest to help commemorate the centenary of the Great War.
We'll be giving away a series of rare, imperforate stamps from 1932 printed to honour the Belgian infantry and worth over €500.

Trench art

1916. Suffering from lack of sleep because of continuous shell explosions and overwhelmed by nagging, ever-present hunger, combatants had to deal with another enemy in the trenches: boredom. During a static war that seemed endless, keeping mentally busy became essential to ensuring that morale didn't slip any further than it had.

By combining the two most abundant resources available - time and shell casings - some soldiers would give birth to a new craft form now known as "trench art" or "L'art du Poilu" in French. We highlight these very original items which were the result of metalwork carried out… in the mud.


A ring

An inkwell

A matchbox

A snuffbox

A lamp

A letter opener
Trench art on Delcampe

Are you selling interesting First World War items on Delcampe?
Contact us and we may put them in our next newsletter!

Stamp & Coin Mart : August Issue

ugust Stamp & Coin Mart available on
Delcampe and on Stamp & Coin Mart

Special commemorative issue marking the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One.

  • Take a look back to the postal arrangements and stamps used in 1914
  • WWI articles examining propaganda stamps, postcards, POW stamps, and postal history of the troubled period.
  • Review on the modern stamps issued in recent months to mark the anniversary
  • Royal Mail’s Commonwealth Games stamps
  • Learn more about the ‘conjoined’ portraits on the coins of William and Mary

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Bargain hunt on holidays, Autographs
Newsletter 17/07/2014
Thu, 17 Jul 2014

Take your Delcampe agenda everywhere you go!
Are you going on holidays? Enjoy the summer! Whether you're going to the mountains or to the sea, you've probably made plans to visit some of the towns and villages in the area where you'll be staying.

Take the opportunity to visit some flea markets! Take a look at the Delcampe events agenda! Don't be surprised if you find places to bargain hunt where you're going on holidays.
And if you find that an event isn't listed, just go ahead and make the change and add it to the agenda. Anyone can make a change!

Napoléon Bonaparte
An autograph is the relic of a moment in history
signed by
someone we admire!

Whether we're fans in a Brazilian stadium or fans of a rock band or enthusiastic readers of an exciting saga, we all admire people that inspire us and make us passionate about something.
Placed on the pedestal of celebrity, each of these personalities retains some of the intimacy a giant screen or a biography can't provide. Owning an autograph means owning a special little part of the signer's personality. Every autograph is unique and becomes a sacred object for its owner. A window on the celebrity's personality which can sometimes be deciphered: long loops on "L's", rising, angular or illegible handwriting, strong or light lines..  
Rick Searfoss,
American astronaut
The Beatles,
English musicians
Brigitte Bardot,
French actress
Take something to write with, wherever you go. Your autograph collection could very well start in a concert hall, in the aisles of your local stationary shop… Or on Delcampe! We have an extensive autograph catalogue!
Do you have any yet?
Tell us about your treasure

Tour de France, Away, At the heart of the Great War
Newsletter 03/07/2014
Thu, 3 Jul 2014

The 101st Tour de France
The 101st Tour de France starts on July 5th. From the plains of Champagne to the mountain stages of the Alps to the tortuous cobblestones, the Grande Boucle takes fans on a three-week discovery of the regions of France over 3,660 km.
The legendary bicycle race, now a hundred years old, stirs up the passions of collectors. Many official items are issued for each Tour. And Delcampe has many of them in its shops! 

Are you getting your suitcases ready?
Keep your sales in the shade of a palm tree
The summer holidays are here! Are you locking your suitcases? Don't forget that Delcampe provides you with a "I'm currently unavailable" option under public information via the link:

"My Delcampe" > "Account: General parameters"
A palm tree  will appear beside your nickname and under all of your sales to inform your potential buyers that you're away. This will ensure that no disputes arise if you don't answer while you're travelling. Are you a gold+ club member? You can close your sales on the multiple changes page (link).

remember that this option doesn't exempt you from finalising all transactions in progress. Don't forget before you go!
And remember to deselect the option when you return.

We're commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the First World War this summer.
We'll be introducing you to items from the Great War every month.

Soldier helmets

The helmet was a basic part of the footsoldier's gear and it provided them with vital head protection against shrapnel. At the beginning of the conflict, nearly 80% of all injuries were head injuries. The number fell to 20% after the helmet was introduced.

The French "Adrian" helmet (named after the Intendant-General) was designed under emergency conditions in 1915.  Usually "horizon blue" in colour and sporting a crest (an ornament that lessened vertical impact), this helmet, made of steel 7 to 10 mm thick and weighing about 700g, provided
basic protection.

The French "Adrian" helmet

The British "Brodie" helmet was based on the Adrian model. Made of a single piece of steel with a 4 to 5 cm brim, it was stronger and manufactured more quickly.

The British "Brodie" helmet

However, the German helmet provided the best protection. The "Stahlhelm" ("steel helmet"), the successor to the spike helmet and recognisable among all others, was still used during the Second World War.


The spiked helmet

... And its successor, the "Stahlhelm"
Helmets on Delcampe

Are you selling interesting First World War items on Delcampe?
Contact us and we may put them in our next newsletter!