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The Delcampe website... faster!
The Delcampe website... faster!
Tue, 5 Mar 2013

Dear members,

You cannot imagine to what extent your testimonies and enthusiasm make us happy!

As you were recently announced, we are currently working to improve our infrastructure to ensure the site a greater speed and high stability.

Last week, a crucial step was the intervention on our main database server, rendering it 2 to 3 times stronger. This is a very important progress.

With this improvement and the constant efforts to optimize the site, the difference, in terms of speed and stability of the site, is already quite visible in recent days. Many of you testify of this by email at and on the Forum.

We do however not cry victory too soon. One or other server's "sickness of youth" is still possible, and we remain very vigilant.

The next important step will be the addition, improvement or replacement of other machines for the most used features of the site.

All these improvements will have a very positive impact in your purchases and sales of collectibles. We keep on working for you... and thank you for your patience and understanding!

In addition, we continue to expand the site's features that you request on the suggestions form.

See you very soon... on !

... and his Team