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Numismata Show, Pricewatch, Members Article,...
Newsletter 27/02/2013
Wed, 27 Feb 2013

Dear members,

This week, we invite you to read about the improvements of the Delcampe website.

We will make a leap into the past through the
"Members Article" which will take you to Antarctica at the end of the 19th century.

On the occasion of the New Year of the Chinese calendar, we will also make a small detour to Asia.

Discover as well our
new categories in philately and the new AIX-PHILA Shop Premium store.

Before closing the newsletter with our
Price Watch, we are pleased to announce our presence at the Numismata Fair in Munich.

See you very soon in our next newsletter... or on

Your Delcampe Team

In order to always offer you the best service, our team has been working on certain improvements and technical novelties expected by many of you:

  • How many people are "watching" your items?

    To manage your sales, you could already see at any time the number of visits on each of your items. You now have the possibility to know as well the number of potential buyers who have added your items in their "watch list".

  • Export your sales and purchases

    As a member of the Club+ Gold or Silver, you have the possibility to export the information on your bids or your sales in CSV format. This information includes all the data (price, date,...) on your sales and purchases. From now on, this export will also contain the contact details of your buyers or your sellers.

  • Feedbacks and new response time

    As you know it, the maximum assessment to assign a feedback to another member is 2 months. Unfortunately, certain "ingenious" members sometimes wait the last minute to give their feedback, leaving their vis-à-vis no chance to reply. In order to allow all members to express themselves, we are extending the deadline of three days to respond to a feedback. Thus, you will automatically have at least three days to respond to a feedback, even beyond the two-month limit!
  • General parameters and ...settings of your store

    To change your parameters concerning your account, your purchases and your sales, you had to go to "My Delcampe". For more clarity, we have split the general parameters of your account and the settings of your store in two different pages.

MEMBERS ARTICLE / A little more than 115 years ago, was held a Belgian expedition that marked the history of polar exploration: it was the first wintering in Antarctica.

Our member Philippe Pinot brings back the past and makes you relive this epic with his article on the 1897 First Belgian Antarctic Expedition!


ADVERTISING / Aix-Phila-Shop is located in Kaarst, Germany. This company specializes in philately but also presents collector coins They offer services such as estimation of collection or unique item as well as purchase and auction services.

Currently in their Delcampe store, they offer nearly 1100 lots. Post-War Germany is largely represented.
Consult the Aix-Phila-Shop store on Delcampe Premium.

Some new subcategories have been developed in the category: "Stamps > America > Cuba" and "Stamps > Asia > Israel".
To enhance the visibility of their items, we advise sellers to move their lots to the most appropriate category.

Discover the category Stamps > America > Cuba

and the category
Stamps > Asia > Israel

EVENT-FAIR / We are pleased to announce our participation to the Numismata Show in Munich. This fair will be held from March 2 to 3, 2013.

It is with great pleasure that we will meet our members as well as new collectors eager to explore our website. Come and visit us, you can meet Sébastien and Miren at booth BOX E.

    Sébastien                Miren

CULTURE / The New Year of the Chinese calendar. This year, we are entering the year of the snake! On February 10, the Asian world celebrated the Chinese New Year, in so doing bidding farewell to the year of the dragon. This animal cycle is based on Chinese astrology which associates each year to one of the 12 animals of the zodiac.

The New Year is a time of celebration beginning on the 1st day of the 1st month of the Chinese lunar year and ending with the Lanterns Festival, the 15th day of the month. This event is also called Spring Festival. As the calendar is lunisolar, the date of the Chinese New Year always falls between January 21 and February 20 in our Gregorian calendar.

The origin of this festival remains unclear. However, a popular legend tells of a monster called Nian, who attacked the Chinese villages devouring and destroying everything in its way. During one spring, the villagers hung red paper on their door and threw in a bamboo fire on his arrival. Surprised by the bright colours and the crackle of bamboo, the monster got frightened, fled and never returned. Since then, this day is celebrated every year. The word
"Nian" has also become the Chinese word for "year".

Did you know it? The Chinese New Year is also a godsend for collectors. This event is the subject of stamps emissions and creations by several postal administrations. What constitutes a collection of thematic philately among fans. Why not take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Asian theme?

Discover or rediscover the China stamps, the China postcards

Also find the
Chinese New Year special stamps

  Find the rare gem among our beautiful
Chinese and Asian items

Price Watch Delcampe
We present some of the most beautiful and interesting items recently sold on the Delcampe website!

Poland: 10k blue / pink 1860 (1st Polish stamp)

Sold for 1457 EUR

China: 1941 censored registered letter from Tientsin to Tunisia

Sold for 1189 EUR

France: 1921 pre-canceled 30c (with certificate)

Sold for 1300 EUR

France: Tramway Argenton-sur-Creuse / St-Benoit-du-Sault September 1903

Sold for 612 EUR

France: 50 gold francs or "Génie" 1878

Sold for 2750 EUR
India: Emission for the Trucial States 1950-1960 10 rupees

Sold for 800 EUR

You too, find the missing item of your collection
by exploring our categories