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Tips, Aerophilatelie (2/3), Martin Luther King Jr., Pricewatch
Newsletter 20/11/2014
Thu, 20 Nov 2014

Build increased trust with other Delcampers with postal address verification
You can use postal address verification to increase your "trustworthiness" with other members. This process enables verification of the postal contact information you provided to us when you registered. After you validate your request, you will receive a letter by post containing an activation code to enter on the website. Once the code has been entered, a logo shaped like a crest will appear next to your nickname. It proves that you are a "verified" member.

As a verified member you will increase your trustworthiness on Delcampe which can help you increase your purchase and sales numbers.

A history of airmail: the first mail planes


After our first newsletter about manned balloons, we'll now take a look at the first mail planes.
The significant benefit of aviation as a very fast transportation method emerged when it was still in its very early days. On 18 February 1911, Frenchman Henri Pequet carried 6,500 letters 10 kilometres in just 27 minutes during a industrial and agricultural exhibition in India. It was the first mail flight.

Long before the commercial aeroplanes we know today came into being, air transport was a great adventure and not all letters reached their destination. The weight of letters was very limited. They could generally not exceed three to four grams to avoid overloading the aeroplane transporting them. During these years, letters sent to islands too small for landing strips were "catapulted" from aeroplanes.
Zeppelins, biplanes and even seaplanes: aeronautics was an open-air laboratory and the incubator for a whole new postal field!


Gand "First Flight" letter, 1913

Letter catapulted by seaplane

"Aviation Week" card, 1910

Letter by Graf Zeppelin
The first airmail letters 

Are you selling interesting items related to the first aeroplanes on Delcampe?
Contact us, and we may put them in our next newsletter!

Martin Luther King Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize 50 years ago

In 1964
, this 35-year-old African-American pastor became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner ever.
He was a great admirer of Gandhi and was inspired by the philosophy of Henri-David Thoreau. He was the spokesman for the civil rights movement and fought for nearly 10 years against the social and segregationist inequalities of the United States.
His "I Have a Dream" speech still resonates 50 years later and continues to be an inspiration for non-violent protest.

Stamp & Coin Mart : December issue

Stamp & Coin Mart – available on Delcampe and on Stamp & Coin Mart
is packed with information and advice on how to help you improve your collection.

The December issue of Stamp & Coin Mart features a range of in-depth collecting articles, including:

•   We preview the anticipated Christmas stamps
•   We look back to when high values were used for commemoratives and assess the special slogan postmarks issued by Royal Mail
•   We take a trip to Easter Island for an intriguing thematics article
•   We look at the making of the Hong Kong 1968 ‘Sea Craft’ issue
•   A guide to British Empire coins
•   We learn more about lucky collectors who discovered error stamps worth thousands

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Management System for Purchases and Sales: 6 months of constant improvement.
Thu, 6 Nov 2014

The new purchase/sales tracking system we implemented last May 5th is an essential part of the Delcampe website. It has undergone a number of modifications based on your suggestions since then. The team has been working on many details over the past six months to adapt it to your needs.

Here is a summary of the most important improvements.


  • You can now modify your invoices  while viewing them.
  • You can also change them regardless of their status (from "invoiced" to "sent") as long as they haven't been deleted or archived.
  • When viewing an invoice, you can use the "Move to another invoice" option to remove a selection of items from the invoice. The selection will be put in a new invoice with the same status as the previous one.

  • You can use either a period "." or a comma "," to separate the decimals in amounts.
  • You can hide your contact information in the invoice. To do so, go to your store parameters (Account > My information > Store parameters).
  • For professional sellers who have provided their VAT number, the VAT amount is now listed on the invoice.
    "My Delcampe" lists

  • After changing the status of an invoice you will be redirected back to the previous page you were viewing  or you can click on a link to find the invoice you just changed. You can change the parameter in the display options.

  • You can select all of your invoices to archive them all at the same time.
  • The system will archive your invoices one year after their issue date.
   Payments and payment reminders

  • Sellers: you can send a payment reminder via the "More..." button. A reminder can be sent after seven days.

  • Buyers: you can still make a payment even if you haven't received an invoice after seven days.

  • Sellers: when you change the expenses on the delivery slip, the associated invoices will also be changed under the "Invoiced" tab. You can inform the buyer directly on the slip.

  • You can now search lists by email address.

  • You can also enter your searches from any page in the management system.

Retrospective, Aerophilately (1/3), Eurostar, EasyStore
Newsletter 06/11/2014
Thu, 6 Nov 2014

Transaction management:
Six months of continuous improvement

We implemented a new management system for you in early May. It required changes in habits and, in the beginning, some people found the new features somewhat difficult to master. We've been listening to you over the past months and taken your comments and expectations into account to improve the system.

We're happy to say that we've been getting more and more positive comments about the new system and
we want to thank you for them.

A history of airmail: manned balloons

Delcampe would like to take you on a tour of the amazing history of airmail, known as aerophilately. 

The first letters took flight during the Franco-Prussian War, particularly, during the siege of Paris in 1870. All communication with the provinces was forbidden by the Prussians and ingenuity was needed to get the mail out...

Nadar, the famous photographer and caricaturist, had the idea of using air-filled balloons. He founded the first company of military pilots with Dartois and Duruof on 18 August 1870. The use of these flying devices resembling today's hot air balloons was first limited to surveillance of Prussian troops. But manned balloons quickly became key to communications with the provinces. Sixty-seven "manned balloons" took flight from the French capital during the siege. They carried letters, newspapers (the "Gazette des Absents") and many homing pigeons carrying "pigeongrams" (microfilm) to enable recipients to send an answer back to Paris.

The balloons held 2,000 cubic metres of highly inflammable gas and carried a small basket 1m30 wide and 1m50 high. The flights were extremely dangerous and random because the balloons couldn't be steered. They were also at the mercy of Prussian gunfire. Some were very unlucky. The "Daguerre" was machine-gunned and the "Jacquart" disappeared in the Irish Sea. The "Ville d'Orléans" ended its Norway.  However, most of the flights were successful and over two million pieces of mail floated over Prussian lines.

Some landed on Delcampe! Discover them!


"By manned balloon" form

Letter from the "Daguerre" balloon

Aeronautics medicine medal

"1st day" maximum card 
Letters and other items from manned balloons

Are you selling interesting manned balloon items on Delcampe?
Contact us, and we may put them in our next newsletter!

The Eurostar turns 20

The Eurostar, the first truly European rail system, is 20 years old.

At the end of 1994, the high-speed train linked the British Isles to the continent by…land. The journey from London to Brussels now takes 1h50 and from London to Paris, 2h15, with 21 minutes spent under the sea.

Many postcards, magazines and other items were created in honour of the most ambitious of all rail projects of the end of the 20th century. See them on Delcampe.


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