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The 1865 Spanish gold coin has been won!
Newsletter 01/10/2015
Thu, 1 Oct 2015

The superb 1865 Spanish 4-escudo gold coin with the effigy of Queen Isabella II estimated at over €300 has been won.

The winner is Soleiljaune34!

Didn't win? A new contest is under way. Try your luck and you may win an authentic 1809 Chappe telegram

Delcampe is 15, The contest winner and the new contest, Culture, Pricewatch
Newsletter 01/10/15
Thu, 1 Oct 2015

Delcampe is 15!

It's true! Collectors have enjoyed fifteen years of selling and buying items everywhere in the world thanks to the website!

« We recently celebrated our 1,000,000th member. And, we've been here for 15 years. In both cases, it's thanks to you, the buyers and sellers who use our website. Thank you for putting your trust in us! »

The 1865 Spanish gold coin has been won!
The contest to win the 1865 Spanish gold coin is over.
Some of you contacted us to let us know that the right answer wasn't included in the list of answers provided. Despite the meticulous search we did on several websites when we created the contest question, it became apparent that other websites in different languages gave contradictory information. According to our initial information, Queen Isabella II of Spain had a total of 11 living children. According to other sources, 10 children were born alive and she also had two still-born children. It was unfortunately too late to change or cancel the question. It would have been unfair to the members who already played.
Since the none of the answers listed included 12 children, we decided to accept both 11 and 13 children.

The winner is the member who gave us one of these two answers and who correctly answered the additional question fastest.

We would like to apologize for this confusion and thank you for your understanding.

Win an authentic 1809 Chappe telegram!

A new contest on Delcampe! You can win an authentic Chappe telegram (Paris-Metz-Strasbourg line) sent by the Minister of War to the General commanding the 5th Division in 1809. The document is valued at over €400.

Just answer two questions to try to win this exceptional piece to complete your collection... or start a new one.

Don't wait to try your luck!

The Titanic

Before coming to rest at a depth of 4000 metres the Titanic, a giant of over 52,000 tonnes, was one of the most luxurious ocean liners of the early 20th century.
It was finished in 1912 after three years of building in the Belfast shipyards. It was the largest passenger ship built to date.  It left the British port of Southampton en route for New York...
its first journey and also its last. The ship collided with an iceberg and the wreck has made a lasting impression on people ever since. It has received more media coverage than any other marine catastrophe due to the loss of over 1500 lives, including several billionaires.

The Titanic, which took its name from Titan, was designed as a scientific challenge. It was considered to be one of the greatest technological achievements of the time. Many collectors' items have been dedicated to it. Medals, models, stamps…
You can find many items dedicated to the transatlantic giant on Delcampe.
Stamp & Coin Mart : November issue

Here is what you can expect in the November issue of Stamp & Coin Mart – available on Delcampe and on Stamp & Coin Mart.

We visit Italy in the first of a comprehensive guide to the stamps of the Italian States, such as Sardinia, Tuscany and Parma, revealing how stamps were produced before the country became unified.

In our popular GB section, we recall the Festival of Britain stamps of 1951, using the official Post Office files to reveal how the patriotic designs on the high value stamps were chosen.

Our thematics pages include an in-depth look at coffee on stamps, while our coin section looks at the current of Wessex, once a powerful English kingdom.

With news, opinion, new stamps and coins, price watch and much more, November’s Stamp & Coin Mart is another must-read!

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