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The 1910 autograph postcard has been won
Thu, 10 Apr 2014


It gives us great pleasure to share the name of our "1910 Pilot Autograph Postcard" contest winner. This magnificent autograph postcard signed and sent by the aviator Emile Prudhomme aroused the interest of 4673 Delcampers.

The lucky winner is "1195"
. Congratulations!  

Didn't win? Don't give up, another contest is now underway.

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Newsletter 10/04/2014
Thu, 10 Apr 2014

Sellers, renew all of your sales with a single click!

Delcampe is a living community that's always growing. It would be a shame if the items you've already listed for sale went unnoticed by the 30,000 new Delcampers who sign up with the site every month!

Have you listed many items for sale on the marketplace?
Are we nearing an important time of the year when you sell a lot? Set the status of all your sales to "new" again to optimise their visibility... With just one click! Your items will again be stamped "new" and be included in email alerts.

PS:  To avoid disturbing regular buyers, a price must be set and the option is only for items that have been listed for sale on Delcampe for over three months.


The 1910 autograph postcard has been won

The most aerial of Delcampe contests is over! We had given you the opportunity to win a 1910 postcard signed by Emile Prudhomme, one of the pioneers of military aviation. The uniqueness of this testimony to the early days of flight caught the attention of 4673 Delcampers.

The contest is now closed...and a winner has been chosen!

Have you ever thought of collecting
Minerals, fossils and meteorites

The beginning of a great collection? You may not find it in the dusty boxes in the family attic!
Minerals and fossils are several million years old and although they're much older than any antique, you can find them during an outing, on a Sunday walk, or even... in the middle of your garden! (Depending on where you live)... Let us know if you do find one!

Even older items can be found around the world. These are meteorites, of course, the famous "shooting stars". 100 tonnes of interplanetary matter hits the Earth every day. If a "stone" seems different from the environment you find it in, it could very well be an object fallen from the sky!

If you'd like to build a sparkling collection of minerals, fossils or meteorites, Delcampe can help you with over 4,000 sales in progress in categories accessible to every budget (sales of less than €5 to over €1,000). Learn to read the terrain when you go out and find the next item to expand your collection.

There are no quotes or serial numbers in these fields. Just an unlimited source of rocks, as endless as your future enthusiasm for making your collection grow. Does nature hold more treasures than all museums put together?

Malachite and chrysocole

Fossilised fish

Sikhote (meteorite)

Slice of pallasite (meteorite)

Fossilised ammonite
Start your collection on Delcampe:

Stamp & Coin Mart : May Issue

May Stamp & Coin Mart – available on Delcampe and on Stamp & Coin Mart

•    Special feature: Colonial issues of France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Portugal
•    An examination of the stamps of French West Africa
•    The French Cameroun ‘Spitfire Fund’ stamps issued during World War Two
•    A fascinating look at correspondence between King Edward VIII and the exiled Prince Felix Youssoupoff
•    The many variations of cachet created in hospital wards around France during the WWI

Price Watch Delcampe
Some of the most beautiful
and most interesting items sold recently on the Delcampe website!

France: 2006 "Flying Machines" souvenir sheet with offset perforations - rare

Sold 750 EUR

Indochina:  Registered letter sent from Tuy Hoa 05/07/1941 to France via Senegal (South African censorship)

Sold 650 EUR

Austria: WIPA (Vienna International Philatelic Exhibition) block stamp with silk threads**

Sold 420 EUR


Roman Empire: Emperor Nerva (96-98) copper sesterce TB+

Sold 578 EUR
Gabon: 10,000 franc bill 1974

Sold 450 EUR

China: Illustrated map sent from Tientsin to Indochina 23/07/1913

Sold 352 EUR

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