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The « Reserve Price » option will be discontinued as of 30/Nov/2015
The « Reserve Price » option will be discontinued as of 30/Nov/2015
Mon, 23 Nov 2015

Dear members,

As you already know, the Delcampe website is being modernised.  Throughout this process, certain options will be added, and others will be eliminated.  This is the case for the Reserve Price, which has become less and less utilised.  

This paid option allowed the seller to set a starting price inferior to the minimum selling price the seller wished to obtain, with the guarantee that this minimum price would be met.  This option will no longer be available in the new version of the Delcampe website.

If you have sales with this option currently ongoing, the reserve price option will remain in effect until the sales have closed.  However, it will be impossible to renew your sale with this option.

Please bear this in mind and adapt your starting prices accordingly.

Thank you.  


Monacophil Fair, Board games, Pricewatch
Newsletter 05/11/15
Thu, 5 Nov 2015

Delcampe is attending Monacophil

The prestigious Monacophil Fair is celebrating its tenth anniversary!

For the occasion, 100 of the world's rarest stamps and philatelic documents will be on display at the Museum of Stamps and Coins and a collective exhibition on polar philately has been assembled.
Sébastien Delcampe and his team will be there from 3 to 5 December. We hope to welcome many of you at stand D4-D5.

We've created a new collection card so that you can have a souvenir of the fair. It will given to the first 500 visitors to our stand.
Board games

An old chess travel game
While some traditional games like chess and bridge are more than several centuries old, most board games were created between the 1950s and 1980s. It was during this period that the great classics became leaders, including Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and Risk… But the champion of board games was born in 1935: with 275 million sales, Monopoly is by far the most successful board game ever.

Old editions of games, old checkers boards, special and limited editionsRelive your craziest games from years or even decades past or discover new games with more complex rules. Games of chance and of strategy, business games and role-playing games: you can find whatever you're looking for on Marketplace, no matter what your player profile.


A 1953 Scrabble game

An awale: a traditional African game

A football-themed game
Go back to a time when games weren't yet played online on the Internet, but brought together family and friends of all ages around a table for a moment of shared and genuine enjoyment…
Stamp & Coin Mart : December issue

Here is what you can expect in the December issue of Stamp & Coin Mart – available on Delcampe and on Stamp & Coin Mart.

• PART 1 of our Royal Mail exclusive gift featuring x6 Star Wars Stamp Cards
• Your guide to Star Wars stamps, coins and souvenirs, plus interview with stamp designer Malcolm Tween
Germany's Winter Relief stamps examined in detail
• New Xmas stamps revealed, plus the story of the very first Xmas stamp of 1897
Italian States stamps - we conclude our comprehensive guide to Italy's pre-unification stamps
Santa on stamps - how St Nick has been depicted on stamps from around the world
• Coins of the Battle of Agincourt
and much much more.

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