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Take part in the May survey...
Thu, 7 May 2015

To thank you, we'll be awarding one €100 prize for each survey to the first contestant giving the answer closest to the correct answer to the supplementary question.

Here are the three surveys. Thank you for answering them. Your opinion is very important to us!
  1. For buyers only:
    Survey on fixed-price purchases

  2. For sellers only:
    Survey on shops

  3. General (buyers and sellers)
    Feedback survey

Thank you very much for taking part in the survey and good luck to all with the contest!

Your Delcampe Team

PS: You can enter the contest from May 7 through 31 May 2015.

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Newsletter 07/05/15
Thu, 7 May 2015

Take part in our May survey...
Our thanks to you: you could win a €100 prize!
Your opinion on the ideal functionality of the website is important to us. Who better than you, buyers and sellers, to give us helpful insight?

How? By participating in our satisfaction survey.
The survey will take place over three months (May-June-July).

For the first month: click on the button below to access the surveys:
  • The buyer questionnaire
  • The seller questionnaire
  • The general questionnaire.
Thank you for filling in the survey for your category. It will take 10 minutes at the most.

Your answers will be handled anonymously and confidentially.
However, we will ask you for your nickname to take part in the survey.

To thank you, we'll be giving a €100 prize for the questionnaire each month. The winner will be the first contestant to give the answer closest to the correct answer to the supplementary question.

Sellers: increase your sales with high-quality images
Think about your buyers when you list an item for sale on the Internet. Since they can't see the real item, the picture you use for the sale is extremely important. Use high-quality, relevant pictures for your buyers.

Here is some advice:
  • Picture quality: don't use small or fuzzy pictures. There are no restrictions on dimensions or file size. Use fairly big pictures so that buyers can further expand them to see all of the details of your item. Use images with at least 500 pixels on their largest side. We recommend, however, that you don't use pictures of more than 200 kb.
  • Pictures are free on Delcampe: use as many pictures as possible. You can use up to 99 images!
    Whether you're selling a postcard, a complete stamp album or a single stamp, buyers like to see every facet of the item (front AND back). Don't hesitate to use close-ups and details. Don't try to hide defects
  • Always try to use a clean, neutral background to make the item stand out and highlight its value.
Note: The better the quality of your pictures, the better buyers will feel about the condition of the items. This will boost their confidence about their purchase. Note that all images associated with a sale are contractual and must show the item in your possession.

A trade from the past: the milkman

Until the 1950s, consumers often had to go to village markets to buy their milk everyday. At the time, being a milkman wasn't a full-time job, but rather a part-time one. Milkmen usually had small farms and they sold their surplus milk for a bit of extra income.

The invention of UHT (Ultra High Temperature) sterilization in 1951, thanks to which milk could be kept for more than six months and the massive industrialization of farms had a profound impact on the milkman's job. Delcampe has many postcards showing the various facets of this local trade which has now disappeared.


Discover a selection of Delcampe stores

In Richnoddystamps's store, you will be able to easily search and find the very finest stamps of the world. The items listed in his store are all scanned and fully described, so that you can be assured that what you see is what you get.

There is more where this came from….come and visit!


Mark Bloxham Stamps Ltd has been dealing stamps for over 35 years! Starting at local fairs and flea markets at the age of 13, Mark has since developed his passion for stamps into an online business – selling and dealing stamps through online platforms like Delcampe.

Having been a premium and verified member for six years now, he has sold countless items through Delcampe and have thousands more to sell – from postal stationery to RAF covers to hundreds of variations of rare and interesting stamps.


Antonio M. Torres is a stamp dealer and auctioneer since 1969 established in several countries with his main office in London, England.  His company's services are grouped in three main sections: private treaty direct sale of postal history, online and public auctions.

With over 28,000 items listed right now on Delcampe, his store is a must-see.


Robin Cassell from Mulready Philatelics specialises in British stamps and postal history from the reign of Queen Victoria, with special emphasis on the unusual and more interesting such as Mulready caricatures, pictorial envelopes, repairs to the 1d black and 1d red, scarce cancellations and so on …

Robin attends major philatelic shows in the UK.

Stamp & Coin Mart : June issue

The June Stamp & Coin Mart – available on Delcampe and on Stamp & Coin Mart comes with FREE Tristan da Cunha ‘Potato Essays’ stamps for every reader, while the magazine features a new look with a range of new features.

Our improved ‘Stamp Update’ section features news stories, interviews, collector tips and the latest auction prices combining to create a comprehensive monthly guide for collectors.

New expert articles include regular guides to spotting stamp forgeries and 'expertising' stamps, while our postal history and thematics sections cover more subjects than ever before.
Of course, we also have the usual mix of in-depth articles and advice, including:

•   Seventy years on from the end of war in Europe, we go back to 1945 to assess how the end of WW2 affected stamps around the world
•   We begin our new series on Roman coins found in Britain
•   In another exclusive look at the British Library Philatelic Collections, we examine the early stamps of Sicily

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