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captures_delcampe-lister logo_delcampe-lister Delcampe Lister

Use the Delcampe Lister to prepare your sales lists, even offline, and add items to your Delcampe store by clicking only once!

You will save much time and you will be able to work with your store much more easily.

Download delcampe lister now.

This application requires the Adobe® AIR™ runtime to be installed for Mac OS or Windows.


The Delcampe Lister enables you to rapidly and efficiently create a large number of sales, just by using your computer.

You can easily adapt your sales from A to Z and list all of them/or a part on the Delcampe website whenever you want, with just one click.


Advantages of the Delcampe Lister

The Delcampe Lister has many advantages:
  • Creating sales rapidly.
  • Copy sales by clicking twice.
  • Compatible with most operating systems.
  • Add up to 10 images directly by using the Lister.
  • Possibility to use various accounts in the Lister.
  • Automatic update.
  • Possibility to view preview before listing.
  • Possibility to import sales from an excel file or even from other websites (with the Delcampe Converter).


Download and installation Free!
Using and encoding announcements Free!
Listing items on the website You have to be member of the Club+ Gold or Club+ Premium


logo_lister_config In order to function, the Lister needs a framework from Adobe AIR (this will automatically install after installing the Lister).

The Lister can be used with the following systems:

Windows 2000 Windows xp Windows vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Mac OS X

Download and install

You can download and install the Delcampe Lister by clicking on the Delcampe logo, which you can find here.

Download delcampe lister now.

This application requires the Adobe® AIR™ runtime to be installed for Mac OS or Windows.
Difficulties while installing?

The Delcampe Lister requires installation of "Adobe AIR". This program will automatically be installed if it hasn't been installed yet on your computer.
Installing might take a couple of minutes, which is the time needed to recover some data from our website.

If you encounter difficulties while installing or using the Lister V3, please post a message on the forum Delcampe Tools, which is meant to discuss the tools we offer to our members.

Help and FAQ

For more information about the Delcampe Lister, we advise you to read our Online Help.

Installation Problems

If you have problems installing the Lister, make sure your antivirus or other security software installed on your computer does not block the installation process.
If problems persist, try to install Adobe Air first (for Windows or Mac OS). This program is essential to run the Lister.
Then install the new Lister.