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Delcampe API SOAP / REST

Use the API Delcampe to synchronize your sales on Delcampe!

Those sales can come from your own website, from a database or even from another marketplace.

Thanks to the API system, your sales will be synchronized with your Delcampe store. Each new sale will be listed everywhere, and when an item is sold on Delcampe; it will automatically be closed on the other website (or database) and vice versa.

You'll increase the visibility of your sales, your business and thus your financial outcome!And? last but not least, the API system is totally free!

How does it work ?

How does does it work?

Generally speaking, once the Delcampe API has been set up by your programmer, it can work in three different ways:

  • When you upload a sale on your website, it automatically creates one on your Delcampe Store
  • When you change or close a sale on your website, change is done on your sale; it automatically modifies or closes your sale in your Delcampe Store.
  • When an item has been sold in one of the two websites, the sale is automatically closed on both sites (unless you use the sale by quantity system and some items are still left).

How to set it up?

The first thing to do is to contact our API customer service at :

We will create your API account and we'll provide you with all the information needed to set up the API.

You'll then need to provide all the information to your programmer, or ask him/her to contact us.

Conditions of use

- You should be a member of the Club+ Gold or Premium
- You should have a professional account on Delcampe.

Resources for programmers

The programmer can find all the necessary information by clicking on the following links.

He can choose between two different versions: SOAP and REST.


Customer service

For the set-up of your API, you can contact our customer service at
Your programmer can have access to a forum where he could directly ask questions to the IT department in charge of the Delcampe API. This access will be given to you when your API account has been created.